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Weft straight hair extension

Weft straight hair extension

Flowbella Weft hair is 100% Natural Virgin Hair. Our high quality weft hair leaves the structure of the natural hair intact. There is no chemical processing or silicone coating of our natural weft hair, unlike some cheaper competition. Each weft hair extension is drawn from a single donor and is 100% Remy virgin hair and has a strong, natural and healthy texture. The production of our weft hair is done in the most ethical and accurate manner to ensure the weft extensions are strong and durable to give you a perfect result and the exact look you desire.

Our exclusive Flowbella weft hair extensions are manufactured by skilled specialists using the latest technology. The results give you stunning tangle-free and lustrous hair extensions that are easy to use and will add amazing volume, length and shine to your beautiful new hair style.

Our straight weft hair will give your natural hair instant length and plenty of volume. Ideal if you have naturally thin hair that is too flat and fine to hold or carry many hair styles. Our weft-straight hair extensions can be added in to your hair with no damage to your own hair or scalp. It can provide an instant solution for thin hair and allow you to add the necessary volume needed to achieve those glamorous celebrity hair styles that you want. Ideal for when you want a jaw-dropping new hair style for a special occasion.

100% Remy human hair weft

You are guaranteed to fall in love with our soft, natural 100% Remy human hair weft. Adding our hair can give you a sleek and sophisticated look quite effortlessly and your hair will always look slick and shiny because Remy hair is carefully produced keeping the hair cuticles intact and all going in the same direction. This prevents tangling and helps to keep your hair looking good for longer.

There is no need to worry about your hair looking fake. The natural shine and bounce of our straight hair weft will never give your secret away. Because we only source the highest quality of human hair done in the most ethical way, our hair extensions last much longer than other types of human hair that has often been subjected to some very harsh treatment before you buy it.

You don’t need to worry about looking after your new hair. You can wash and style your extensions gently using a mild shampoo just like you would with your own natural hair. Don’t be afraid to use the same styling products on your new hair that you have used before. You will find your new hair easy to maintain as it doesn’t mat or tangle up as easily as lesser quality hair that cannot guarantee it’s source.

As our straight weft hair is 100% natural human hair it will look and act exactly like your own hair. You can give yourself endless new looks by adding in our high-quality straight hair weft. You will find your new hair to be extremely versatile. You can cut it, style it and dye it just as you would with your own hair. The addition of our natural straight weft hair will help to make your hair look and feel full of volume with a rich sheen.