Real or Faux? Why Human Hair Extensions are superior to Synthetic 2016-07-26T09:37:50+00:00

Real or Faux? Why Human Hair Extensions are superior to Synthetic

Having hair extensions can really elevate your style to the next level and take you into the heady heights of true celebrity style. Extensions can transform even the dullest and finest of hair into something quite head turning and spectacular!

Luscious, long, flowing locks can now be an attainable goal for women from all walks of life. Hair extensions can provide length, volume, sleek style for any lady who wants to look effortlessly glamorous without having to grow their hair for years to achieve.

The only question you have to ask yourself is – real or faux?

Although synthetic hair has been created to fill the gap on the market for budget hair extensions, these man-made tresses really do not offer the same degree of flexibility, versatility or styling capabilities that real natural virgin hair does. For example, real hair can be colour treated, styled with a hair dryer, hot rollers, ceramic straighteners, and curling irons. Synthetic hair extensions are made from plastic fibres and will normally have a set style baked into the fibres that leaves you with little choice for styling. Faux hair extensions generally provide a less natural looking finish and texture too. The colour is set, so you cannot dye synthetic extensions to any other colour option. Using any heated hair styling tools is also a no-no because you can cause damage to the fibres and even cause them to melt!

Real human hair extensions are the first choice of professional stylists, and this is exactly what you get with Flowbella Hair Extensions. Our virgin hair offers greater versatility and can be coloured, styled and straightened just as you would with your own hair. You can use hair styling products too, and gentle washing and conditioning is all that is needed to keep your extensions looking great.

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