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Human hair weave

A human hair weave is a fantastic way for you to have that perfect hairstyle you have always wanted! The great thing about choosing to have a weave is that you don’t have to wait months or even years for your own hair to grow out.

Weaves allow you to have great freedom over your hairstyle so you can choose to go curly one day, straight the next, then wavy for the weekend – whatever takes your fancy. It is also a great way for you to experiment and ‘try-on’ a new style that you think may suit you before doing anything permanent to your own hair.

If you have never had a hair weave before, then you may be wondering if the results could make you look a little fake or too obvious, but nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you choose your hair wisely. For example, Flowbella offer a wonderful range of natural human hair – the best possible choice to go for if you want to achieve a look that is natural and looks like your own hair. Synthetic hair may be cheaper to buy than real hair, but you can always tell the difference.

How do human hair weaves work?

This depends on whether you choose to use a weft design or have your hair glued or sewn in near the roots of your own hair. Wefts are very small and are designed to be well hidden under your natural hair. Weft hair is left to hang long and flowing just like regular hair and tend to look more realistic than synthetic versions.

Human hair weaves are very popular because you can simply style your hair just like normal, and use the same hair styling equipment as you have always used, such as hair irons, curling tongs, heated rollers, styling products, hair spray etc. The results are far more realistic because you are using real human hair.

Taking care of a human hair weave

Once you have had your new weave woven into your hair it is fairly easy to care for. Give your new weave some time to settle in and integrate with your hair properly before washing it. To wash your hair weave remember to avoid using harsh alcohol-based shampoos as these can dry out your hair. Use a good quality hair condition to help moisturise and smooth down the hair follicles.

When combing out your hair, start from the hair ends and gently work your way up to your scalp. Trying to comb from the scalp downwards can often make tangles worse and may pull on your weave too much. You will want to make your weave last long and look as good as possible, so take good care of it by using gentle shampoo and conditioner followed by careful combing or brushing.

Take care of your scalp too – as your weave will not be attached to your scalp you can wash your scalp and hair roots using the same gentle shampoo as you use for your hair weave – there is no need to buy separate shampoo or conditioner. Massaging your scalp gently while washing your hair will also stimulate blood flow to your hair roots and will bring essential nutrients to allow your natural hair to continue to grow and provide a strong foundation for your hair weave.

Human hair weave