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Curly Hair Extensions

When you are looking for hair extensions for curly hair it can sometimes be difficult to find something that is suitable because most clip in extensions are supplied pre-straightened. If you have naturally curly or very wavy hair it can be really hard to blend in straight extensions and make them look natural.

Most of the time you will have to either hand-curl straight extension using curling tongs to try and match it better with your own hair, or you will have to spend time straightening your own hair to match with your extensions. This can be frustrating and time consuming either way!

Luckily there are options available from the Flowbella range that are more suitable for wavy or curly hair and will blend with your natural curl pattern better. Choosing these options will be better than struggling to adapt straightened extensions to your own natural curl or wave.

Curly hair extension options from Flowbella:

Fowbella Bulk hair for Wavy styles is perfect for braiding, Brazilian knots, elastic fusion, and strand-by strand hair techniques. Perfect for adding volume to your hair to give you amazing natural finish with it’s natural wave. Click here to view or buy. (

Flowbella Bodywave Weft- for Wavy hair will give you the same consistent high quality hair extensions we are known for, but these extensions already have a bodyweave that will fit perfectly with your naturally wavy hair. These are fantastic for increasing your hair volume quickly when you need to give your hair a boost in a hurry. Click here to view or buy. (

Curly Hair Extension