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Cheap hair extensions

By using hair extensions you are giving yourself an easy and smart way to change your style completely. You can inject a dose of sophistication and glamour to your look with very little effort and the results can be absolutely stunning!

Flowbella is a leading UK based company offering a fantastic range of high-quality natural human hair extensions at very cost-effective prices. We can guarantee that we will have just the right hair extension to suit your needs.

Why choose human hair extensions?

If you want to achieve the most natural look possible, then your first choice should always be natural human hair extensions. Available from Flowbella in natural shades of black or brown, we never bleach, dye or strip our hair of it’s natural colour. We only source natural virgin human hair – this means that the hair we buy and supply to you is never chemically treated.

Because our extensions are 100% Virgin hair, the hair is completely natural and does not pass through any chemical processes at all. The hair cuticles are left intact as nature intended, guaranteeing a smoothness and durability that you will not get with processed hair. Because our extensions are made from natural human hair, you will be able to have it dyed or coloured to match with your own natural hair colour.

Choose your best option

Cheap natural hair extensionHuman hair extensions are great for their natural look and ease of maintenance. Flowbella offer a great range of different options and lengths to choose from so achieving your unique and versatile look is easy.

Bulk -Straight: Priced between £46.00–£54.00 and available in 16 to 20 inch lengths. Our straight bulk hair is a perfect choice for braiding, wigs, Brazilian knots, elastic fusion, and strand-by strand hair technique. This is a perfect choice for adding volume to your hair to give you an amazing natural finish.

Bulk – Wavy: Priced between £56.00–£65.00 and available in 20 to 24 inch lengths. Just like our bulk-straight option, our wavy version is also perfect for braiding, wigs, Brazilian knots, elastic fusion, and strand-by strand hair technique. The natural wave in this hair choice is great if you already have naturally wavy hair. However, you can easily straighten the hair for a different look using regular hair straighteners.

Weft-Straight: Priced from £46.00–£54.00 and available in 16 to 20 inch lengths. Flowbella Weft hair is from a single donor and is 100% Remy virgin hair. We produce our weft hair in the most ethical manner and ensure the weft extensions are strong and durable. The result gives you shedding-free and tangle-free hair extensions that deliver outstanding results.

Weft-Wavy: Priced from £56.00–£65.00 Available in 20 or 24 inch lengths. Our Flowbella Bodywave uses the same high-quality natural virgin hair as our straight version, but is a better choice if you already have wavy hair. Our wefts are a great way to add stunning volume to your hair quickly.

So, when you are looking for some cheap hair extensions to quickly change your hair style, then look no further than Flowbella! Affordable, hi-quality human hair extensions at cost-effective prices.

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