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Can you put natural hair extensions into short hair?

Many women find themselves becoming bored with their hairstyle, and will often chop and change it around to suit their mood. However, it can be especially frustrating for a lady with a very short hair style to have to wait for a long time to grow out her locks just to try out a different style.

Although hair extensions are a great solution for anyone wanting to add length and volume to their natural hair, many ladies with really short hair are unsure if they can actually have extensions put in. This question is a very common one for hairdressers who perform hair extensions, and the simple answer is ‘yes’, you can wear hair extensions with short hair!

To be able to have hair extensions fitted you really only need around three or four inches of hair for this to work. What is more important is the type of hair extension you choose. Not all extensions will work with short hair, so clip extensions or strand by strand options may not blend as well and will be more prone to show through.

By far the best option for short hair is to use tape extensions that use virtually invisible wefts that will blend in with your short hair perfectly! It is recommended to get around 16 inches of hair to make sure that your hair blends well. Flowbella Weft hair would be a perfect choice for this. Take a look here:

Remember, you can colour and style Flowbella hair extensions to match your hair shade, so you can achieve a brand-new look quickly and effortlessly without having to wait for years to grow out your own hair.

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