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About Us

Hair extensions are perfect if you desire that longer, flowing, fuller, beautiful head of hair that all the celebrities have.  If you do not have the time, patience or the right hair to achieve your “celebrity look” then “FlowBella hair extensions” is for you. Our hair extensions can be successfully applied to any type of hair or style to achieve that natural look.

Our hair is 100% Virgin hair, the hair is completely natural and has never been processed.   Our hair does not pass through any chemical trials and all of the hairs cuticles are intact, guaranteeing a smoothness and durability that you will never find or replicate in any type of processed hair.

Natural straight hair extensions have a very slight wave but they can be made completely straight by using hair straighteners. The slight wave will return when the hair is washed.

If you wash the hair, it will return to the original wavy texture providing that it is dried naturally. The hair can be dyed, styled, set and blow dried to suit the individual.

You can use the extensions numerous times as long as you give the hair the proper care it deserves. Clients using their extensions for up to a year is not unheard of however every time you reuse the hair you may need to add some more to complete the look.

FlowBella hair has many benefits, but the most important is that you can achieve a natural look with hair that will last.